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Dealing with a traffic matter may seem simple, but the nuances of North Carolina traffic law are vast, and pursuing the wrong outcome could lead to suspension or a drastic increase in insurance. The legal process can be both daunting and intimidating. At times, simply taking the first step of hiring and communicating with a lawyer can seem overwhelming. At the Law Office of Jason Craig, my goal is to eliminate unnecessary stress, provide you with a seamless experience, and ultimately ensure the best outcome for your traffic violation.


You will always speak to me directly, you will always receive timely updates on your case, and you will never be charged extraordinary prices.

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Buncombe - Burke - Caldwell - Watauga - Haywood




While a simple traffic ticket may not seem like a big deal, the impact on insurance rates could cost you over $1,500 a year. Without proper guidance from an attorney, you may even be at risk of losing your license.


Being arrested and convicted of DWI — driving while impaired — in North Carolina can be a scary and costly experience. An attorney can help alleviate the stress help to evaluate the best course of action to achieve the lowest level of impact on your life.

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"Jason is thorough, insightful, and committed to delivering the highest level of service to his clients. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel."

- Christopher G.

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